Traditional chiropractic has goals of helping you feel better, move better, and reducing muscle spasms.   Traditional chiropractic is often successful at taking care of these secondary conditions, for a time at least. You can spend years managing symptoms only to find out the hidden cause was deteriorating the whole time.  

Here at Progressive Chiropractic, Dr. Bryan Ludwig  focuses on what may be causing your symptom, pain, or loss of health and getting you back to normal structure, normal function.   If your health issue is nerve or spinal related then our unique approach (NSR) Neuro-Spinal Restoration can address your immediate concern as well as to restore the structure and function of the spinal nervous system.   We do this by correcting and managing spinal shifts to help you without just covering up secondary conditions.   One of the first things that you will notice is our attention to detail, to finding out why you are not healing on your own.  



So what is Neuro-Spinal Restoration?   Since 1996 Dr. Ludwig has been refining his assessment , management and technique so that he can give the most precise, safe and effective care.   Think of how well your nervous system functions- as a foundation of a house.   If that foundation was to; deteriorate, to  lean or shift would that affect other areas of the house?   Sure you would have all kinds of secondary problems that were caused by that foundation shift (spinal shift).    So instead of patching the cracks in the walls, replacing windows and relying on chiropractic like an expensive aspirin NSR creates a deeper correction.   NSR creates Normal Structure which can provide normal function and healing.

While I find most people prefer NSR over traditional chiropractic this isn't for those who just want a quick temporary fix.

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