Meet Our Staff

Aubrey,  Chiropractic Assistant and Patient Advocate

I grew up in Middleburgh, a small town not far from our office. I have had an interest in the human mind and anatomy since high school. Working for Dr. Ludwig is a great experience for me because I learn new things about these interests each day in the office. I have previously worked in customer service, and so I had known that I enjoy being able to work so close to people.
Over the past year I have formed some wonderful relationships with the friendly, kindhearted members of our practice. I consider myself extremely lucky to watch these people stay healthy in our office, and especially lucky to be able to help them every day.

Previous to being under the care of Dr. Ludwig, I would get long lasting neck pain on a daily basis. I was experiencing constant painful headaches and migraines, among other things, due to my neck problems. When Dr. Ludwig corrected the shift in my neck my headaches decreased in intensity and frequency. I continue to look forward to being under the care of Dr. Ludwig in order to keep my neck pain and headaches at a minimum, while also protecting the overall health of my nervous system in its entirety. My quality of life has improved significantly! I enjoy being able to watch our practice members, as well as myself, grow under the care of Dr. Ludwig.

I have an Associate degree in Social Science, and will be graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology in May of 2017. I have future goals of attending graduate school, and throughout my journey I am positive that chiropractic will always be a part of my life!