Community Outreach

In Office Health Awareness Seminar

Interested in learning if chiropractic is right for you?  We have a Health Awareness Seminar every other week (Tuesdays nights at 5:30.)   During the seminar Dr. Bryan Ludwig will go through what we need to be healthy and be able to heal. He reviews briefly how the office runs, your responsibilities as a patient and the responsibilities of a chiropractor. It is what you need to know to get the most from life.  The patients who have had the greatest transformation have been to this workshop.
It is a wonderful opportunity to explore your health care options.  This seminar is geared toward helping you understand how chiropractic may fit the health care needs of you and your family.  All who attend will receive some great gifts.
The public is welcome.  To make a reservation please call (518) 234-1512, and please bring a guest with you.    

Community Speaking Opportunity

Would you be interested in having Dr. Bryan Ludwig as a guest speaker?
Dr. Ludwig is always looking for new ways to get the word out to the community about Chiropractic.  He would very much like the opportunity to meet with your group to speak about health and about the vast array of benefits that Chiropractic care has for both children and adults. Dr. Bryan speaks for free in the hopes of educating the community on what chiropractic and true health really are. 
About the Presentation:
Chiropractic is the fastest growing healthcare choice, before drugs and surgery, and is a whole lot more than sore backs and necks.  We can accommodate all time frames, from 30min to 2hours!  The presentation provides an in-depth look at the definition of health and how your body is structured, beginning at conception, to facilitate true health. Topics Covered: Peak Performance, Injury Prevention and Healing, Wellness and You, Learning Disabilities, The Traumatic Birth Syndrome, Brain Injury, & other Developmental Disabilities.
To Learn More:
We give a presentation in our own office every Tuesday night at 5:30pm, called the New Patient Orientation or Health Awareness Seminar .  You are more than welcome to attend, or if you would like any further information we would be happy to put that together and send it right over to you! We welcome you to come in to meet Dr. Bryan. Come in and have Madge give you a tour, explore our office, and find out what true Chiropractic is all about!!

Veterans Program


Who is eligible-    Those returning with in two years of service from Afghanistan and Iraq.  We are only able to donate care to 5 veterans under intensive care at a time.

Requirements: Receive an initial exam at no cost to determine if they have indications for needing chiropractic care.  If further diagnostic studies are required these will be referred out to an unaffiliated business and may have a cost to the veteran.  The veteran must agree to the recommended care plan and not miss appointments.  To be successful in some cases home exercises will be required.  Will need to show form DD214 as discharge form from service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What is donated? -  All in house services.  Specifically, chiropractic adjustments, the initial and all follow up exams, all consultations, and exercise demonstrations.  Products needed to support care can be purchased at cost. For example orthotics, neck pillows, supplements.  The donated services are for the period of one year and the veteran does not have to continue after the year is up.

Local Schoharie Veterans Assistance contact is Eileen Fisher 518-295-8304.