What are your options, other common solutions?   You have many options available to you.   Most of these options deal with pain or symptom relief.   people with symptoms or health issues opt to use medication that is either prescribed or over the counter.   How these medications work is to interfere with your bodies signaling system, turning off or blocking pain receptors.   They either over ride a command or block the signal from your consciousness.   The next level of options is often physical therapy.   The goal of physical therapy is usually to strengthen weak or stretch tight muscles.   The option of last resort is a surgical procedure to remove a part of your body.   The goal of surgery is to remove, or destroy a part of your body and sometimes replacing it with a substitute tissue.   Depending on the length of time you have had your problem can determine the effectiveness or appropriateness of these options.   Here at Progressive Chiropractic our goal is to restore and stabilize the function of your spine and nervous system, giving you the ability to recover quickly from your symptoms.   After your nervous system function is restored we provide options to protect yourself in the future.


If I start, what is the process?  

After your initial consultation, exam and x-rays.   The doctor reviews the indicators for spinal shifts.   Factors such as age, length of time with the spinal shifts, complicating factors, current level of function, chronicity etc are taken into consideration to create a custom treatment plan.   Children usually need less care than an adult that has had spinal shifts a longer time.   Chiropractic care along with complementary recommendations in a specific unique case management lead to optimal results. 

How does it work?   As it was explained in a previous section, spinal shifts or subluxations as they can also be called reduce your ability to function.   Chiropractic adjustments done in a specific way with case management; reduce, and correct the spinal shifts.    We call this Neuro-Spinal Restoration.   This results in improved function, healing, and feeling.  

Consultation = Conversation - NOT A Commitment